Professional Consultation

The professionals at Bird Doctor Nationwide understand how certain construction features add to a building’s attractiveness to birds.

A thorough understanding of bird biology and behavior is necessary in order to determine how much pressure birds will exert on efforts to control them.

Understanding bird pressure is crucial to selecting the proper control solution.

Bird Doctor will work with you to protect the historic status and aesthetic integrity of the structure.

Expertise and training ensure that the most discreet product choices are made. Special care is used not to damage intricate facades.

Certified Bird Doctor Nationwide installers tackle even the most ornate structures.

Product specifications are available for each product Bird Doctor uses.

Bird Doctor Nationwide’s experts work along with architects, building owners, and project managers to create effective solutions.


Bird Doctor Nationwide can provide CAD and shop drawings for advanced bird deterrent projects.

Call the Bird Doctor professionals for help with your project.

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