Bird Net

A properly installed bird net is the most effective and permanent solution to many bird problems.

Bird netting works in all pressure situations and is effective against all bird species.

A proper net installation is supported with a perimeter cable assembly. The cable is supported by various types of attachments that are affixed to the building. The cable is tightened with turnbuckles and the net attached with hog rings.
Bird net is constructed from 6 strands of UV protected twine that are twisted and knotted together.

Bird netting comes in either ¾-inch or 2-inch sizes.

Black is the most popular color choice, but it is also available in stone and white.

Bird net is waterproof, resistant to rot and guaranteed for 10 years.

Netting can be used to protect beams, framing, overhangs, loading docks, courtyards, signs, rooftops and many other areas.

Bird netting provides a harmless, permanent barrier against pest birds.

Before Installation

Installation of net offers a virtually invisible solution. Bird Doctor Nationwide has installed approximately ¾ of a mile of bird netting under the West Side Highway in New York City.  Bird Doctor Nationwide has also installed bird netting under the Brooklyn Bridge, the Major Deegan Highway, and numerous other locations throughout the United States.

Bird droppings damage surfaces, machinery, and products.

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