Bird Trapping Programs (for pigeons, starlings, and sparrows)

Sometimes the best solution to a bird problem is to simply trap the birds and remove them from the site.

The professionals at Bird Doctor Nationwide have been trapping birds for years. Bird Doctor has dedicated technicians and established routes that guarantee success.

The success of a trapping program relies on several factors:

  • Scheduled trap maintenance
  • Patented trap design
  • Technician experience
  • Proper trap placement

  • A good trapping program offers pest birds a comfortable and attractive environment that will lure them into the trap. It must also confine them in a humane manner until they are removed.

    All bird trapping programs utilize food, water and shelter to protect the birds.

    Sometimes trapping is done prior to or during the installation of net or ledge products. Problem birds can be removed from a site by trapping to eliminate some of the pressure that they might exert on a deterrent system.

    Long term trapping programs are often used to continually remove birds and reduce the overall size of a flock.

    Trapping can be used as a stand-alone program or as a component of a larger bird control project.

    Trapping is an effective flock reduction tool because it reduces the overall number of breeding pairs.

    Let the Bird Doctor Nationwide professionals determine if trapping is right for you.

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